Our History

The Founder and his message

The organization was founded by Mr. Emmanuel Exilhomme. After he joined his church to do missionary work around the Caribbean, he saw the pain and misery both children and adults endured and struggled everyday to make a living. After the second trip to Haiti and the Bahamas, Mr. Exilhomme decided to open the organization to help the less fortunate people on the island of Haiti. He provided several services that helped families and assisted with adequate health care with no cost to them and provided counseling for those who had been tortured by the political turmoil.

Mr. Exilhomme currently resides in Massachusetts where he continues to advocate for the Haitian immigrants that are living in America. Mr. Exilhomme has his degree in Social Services. After he had been working in the field for decades, he became aware that Haitians were underserved in all kind of aspects when it comes to social services. This may be due to a language barrier and lack of referral services for them to find out about resources that would assist their needs. To break the burden, Mr. Exilhomme opened the organization as a multi-social services center to assist immigrants and low-income families in the state of Massachusetts.

I believe that helping someone will give me a great sense of satisfaction. I choose to organize this organization for many obvious reasons. I believe that each individual should have a decent and humane life.

As a CEO, I will accept the responsibility of establishing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships with each generous individual that will seek to help this organization in whatever they seem fitting. With the help of this agency, many citizens in need will have "A Better Tomorrow". 100 percent of Every contribution will be used for the benefit of this organization's mission.


Emmanuel Exilhomme Founder and CEO