Health Services

Our all-encompassing programs work with clients to gain self-sufficiency. They provide them with an education that may not have been offered to them in the past or where they were unable to succeed in a traditional classroom setting.

Nurse Assitants and Home Health Aides (NA/HHA's) are two of the fastest growing occupations. There are many job openings in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, some hospitals, and visiting nurse services or private care agencies available

Nursing Assistant

A Nursing Assistant is a member of a care provider team and often the one who provides the most hands-on care to the residents. Because of this, the nursing assistant has great influence on the resident's sense of well-being as well as the resident's physical health.

The nursing assistant is the most important link between the residents and the facility. The facility's successful operation depends on the care given by the nursing assistant.

A Better Tomorrow Services Health Training will prepare you with all the necessary skills that you will need to practice safe and sound procedures that will carry you through your career as a knowledgeable nursing assistant. This is achieved through lectures, class activities and use of videos.

Home Health Aid

A Home Health Aid (HHA) may also be known as a Home Caregiver or Residential Assistant (RA). An HHA provides basic, personal care and health-related services to a variety of individuals (patients) who require more assistance than family and/or friends are able to provide. HHAs are part of a core Health caregivers' team commonly referred to as "direct care workers." The services/care that a Home Health Aide provides depends on their experience and training. A comprehensive A Better Tomorrow Services Health Training Home Health Aide course, will prepare you to provide quality care to patients.

The health care sector provides flexible schedules to meet your needs and the needs of your family. Jobs may be part-time, days, evenings, nights, or weekends.